Nordic GBC Conference Copenhagen 28th April 2015

Chief Architect at AI, Tomas Snog, participates in panel debate on the Nordic Green Building Council Conference in Copenhagen. The conference discusses how we develop liveable, smart and sustainable buildings and cities in the Nordic Region in a two-day programme, starting with the Nordic Built Cities Arena on 27th April, followed by GBC conference on 28th of April 2015.
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Six sustainable Q&As serve as a prelude to the conference regarding subjects like the definition of sustainability, the worst sustainable claim, laws related to sustainability, transparency of building products and materials, greenwashing, how green is the new black, and messages to the Fortune 500 CEOs.

Building for the Future

At the conference on 28th of April, the morning programme holds keynote speakers on the subject “Liveable, smart and sustainable buildings and urban districts”, including Ted van der Linden, Director of Sustainability at DPR construction, and Martin Haas, founder of haas cook zemmrich STUDIO2050.

The afternoon programme consists of two panel debate flows; flow 1 on Designing sustainable cities in the Nordic Countries and flow 2 on Building for the future.

Chief Architect at AI, Tomas Snog, will participate in panel debate flow 2 on 28th of April at 1 pm, discussing the topic “Following up on the Nordic Built contest 1.0: Does good architecture and sustainability contradict each other?” with Søren Nielsen, owner Vandkunsten, and Michael Christensen, owner and Director of Christensen & Co.

Harvesting the Natural Resources and Minimizing the Environmental Impact 

Tomas Snog is chief architect at AI, a multidisciplinary design studio with architects and engineers. He has worked determinedly, designing and redesigning New Nordic Architecture and creating sustainable architecture - harvesting the natural resources and minimizing the environmental impact. In the first Nordic Built contest, AI's proposal won second place in the Danish competition, changing the area from monotonous concrete to a variety of wood and sustainable materials. 

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