Sustainable building is an investment in the future, increasing the value of the buildings and making them even more attractive to investors, owners and users – just as valid for a short-term as it is for a long-term time horizon. AI is dedicated to sustainable development of buildings, settlements and urban areas. Our specialist consultants provide sustainability certification according to DGNB, i.e. the German Sustainable Building Council. And our entire team also includes more than sixty top professionals – consisting of architects, engineers, and construction designers – specializing in providing integrated, sustainable solutions for the construction industry. The way we handle the entire process from design to operation provides holistic solutions, ensuring value and sustainability in every respect.



High-profile projects – giving all the perfect solutions – get a lot of attention. However, all the average projects hold the real key to win the battle for sustainability. We believe in the value of small steps! Therefore we strive to include sustainability in all our projects and do it just a bit better than the minimum requirements. We continuously move towards sustainability, and small improvements bring us one step closer towards our goal all the time.


AI is a member of:

DGNB (the German Sustainable Building Council)

Green Building Council Denmark

Nordic Build

Gate 21 sustainable future forum


AI offers a wide range of soft skill and hard competencies with regard to environmental, resource, economic, and social sustainability and provides a number of services, including the following:


Environmental quality, e.g.:

Life cycle assessment

Primary energy demand

Drinking water demand and wastewater volume


Economic quality, e.g.:

Life cycle costs

Efficient use of space


Sociocultural and functional quality, e.g.:

Thermal comfort

Indoor air quality

Handicapped accessibility


Technical quality, e.g.:

Fire prevention

Building envelope quality

Ease of dismantling and recycling


Process quality, e.g.:

Integral planning

Environmental impact of construction site

Construction quality assurance


Site quality, e.g.:

Site location risks

Site location conditions

Access to transportation