Our Design Department has extensive experience within many fields, covering a variety of construction projects - right from renovation projects to new building projects, as well as projects involving complex load-bearing and stabilizing structures. We supply solutions for all types of projects, including brick buildings, in-situ concrete structures, concrete or timber element buildings, steel structures, foundations or any other type of structure.



The projects are always completed in close cooperation with the involved parties. Multidisciplinary sparring, new approaches, and creative solutions are some of the elements ensuring our clients are provided with the most sustainable solutions. Depending on the project type, we will modify our services to accommodate the client's specifications as well as requirements, and everything will be adjusted according to the project's life cycle costs.


With regard to design of load-bearing and stabilizing structures as well as supervision during execution, our range of services include the following types of structures:


Concrete structures

Clinker concrete structures

Aircrete structures

Masonry structures

Steel structures

Timber structures

Steel-concrete composite structures

Direct foundations

Piled foundations


Previously, we have completed projects regarding:


New Buildings

Multi-storey buildings

Industrial properties and domiciles

Schools and institutions

Sports halls

Prefabricated concrete buildings

Grandstand structures

Building structures - high safety class

Steel truss structures

Steel buildings



Rehabilitation and reinforcement of existing load-bearing structures

Adding large or small openings to existing load-bearing and stabilizing structures

Verification of load-bearing capacity in existing buildings

Carbon fibre reinforcement of existing concrete structures


Small Houses

Single-family houses, duplex houses, terraced houses, and holiday homes



Balcony structures & adding balconies to existing structures


Foundation Engineering

Pile foundations - Push pile, driven, and bored

Underpinning of existing foundations

Beam foundations

Slab foundations

Mushroom slab structures


Engineering Structures

Underground parking facilities

Retaining walls

Temporary load-bearing and stabilizing structures in connection with large civil engineering works

Pedestrian bridges