Our Plumbing Department and Electrical Department have solid experience when it comes to the traditional disciplines like sewerage systems, drainage, water and heating installations as well as ventilation and electrical installations. Furthermore, energy and indoor climate conditions, alternative energy and sustainability are also main areas of expertise. We work hard to create solid buildings that are energy-efficient and have a good indoor climate. With regard to buildings already in operation, we optimize the installations as well as the energy conditions and provide troubleshooting services for existing installations. AI holds certificates within the fields of energy labelling, passive house design and sustainability.


Below, we list our areas of expertise with regard to plumbing and electrical installations:




Sewerage and enabling works

Preventing sewer and rainwater flooding of cellars

Drainage, water and heating installations

Ventilation systems - mechanical, natural and hybrid

Gas fitting

Refrigeration systems

Sprinkler and Inergen systems

Alternative energy

Indoor climate - simulation, measurements and investigations

Condition assessment

Operation and troubleshooting services

Energy labelling




Power installations

Intelligent building installation systems

Lighting systems

Motion-activated and daylight-responsive lighting controls


Solar cells

Building management systems

Aerial systems

Telephone systems

Telecommunications and data installations

Intercom systems

Security systems (automatic alarm systems in Denmark known as AIA)

Warning systems

Automatic fire alarm systems (in Denmark known as ABA)

Automatic smoke ventilation systems

Camera surveillance (in Denmark known as ITV)

Access control systems (in Denmark known as ADK)

Developing new lighting fixtures