Smooth interaction between hotel operation and hotel renovation

Specializing intensely in operation, maintenance and renovation of hotels, and always using a holistic approach, AI Hotel Division ensures the important interaction between hotel operation and ongoing renovation work in small and large hotels.


We provide project handling, execution of all kinds of hotel renovation projects, and traditional disciplines of consulting engineering. Our extensive experience – within the field of securing a smooth process and proper logistics throughout the entire duration of the project – is the best way to make sure that the entire process will be considered a positive experience, causing as little inconvenience as possible. This, among other things, applies to renovation of entire hotels or parts of hotels while allowing for continuous hotel operation.


Furthermore, we specialize in providing various hotel consulting services, including for instance consulting services on hotel takeovers and acquisition, hotel contract renewals, due diligence reporting, etc.



When establishing new hotels, we also have a variety of services for providing the hotels with the right fixtures etc., meeting client requirements, including furniture as well as other equipment, known as Fixed Furniture & Equipment – FF&E for short – also comprising the logistics in this regard. The same applies to Operative Equipment – OE for short.


Last but not least, we also provide purchasing services in connection with hotel projects. In most cases, we are able to achieve considerable cost savings for the client by ensuring best purchasing practices.


AI Hotel Division provides hotels and the hospitality industry with the following services:


Project handling
Project management
Communication handling with regard to the proper authorities


The division has extensive experience in providing partial or turnkey solutions for:


Guest rooms
Mechanical services installations (ventilation, cooling, water, heating, etc.)
Pool, spa & fitness
Restaurant & shopping facilities
Meeting & conference facilities
Kitchen facilities & elevators
Facades & roofs
Outdoor areas, including car parks