Facilities Management



AI's Facilities Management & Maintenance Department (FM&M) has more than 40 years of experience in supplying technical advice within the fields of building renovation and energy renovation - aimed at cooperative building associations, owners' associations, institutional estates and business premises.


FM&M calculates how the life of buildings and building parts can be prolonged and the total life cycle costs can be reduced by taking appropriate operation and maintenance action. Typically, an operation plan and an operating budget are prepared - the operation plan, describing how often to inspect the building parts as well as take maintenance action, and the operating budget, ensuring that the necessary maintenance can be performed as described in the operation plan.


We supply the following technical advice services and products:


Technical condition survey reports

Operation and maintenance plans as well as budgets

Updating the client's operation programmes

Performance optimization of technical units and services

Facilities management

Defects inspection

1- and 5-year failure inspections for The Danish Building Damages Foundation (Byggeskadefonden)

Assessments - Cooperative housing

Rot damages, fungi damages and mould attacks

Screening for dangerous substances in buildings

Escape plans and space allocation plans

Web archive - Document handling using the Internet

Digitization of drawings

Relocation logistics, also temporary



When preparing master plans for housing societies, FM&M supplies technical advice and has extensive experience in meeting The National Building Foundation (Landsbyggefonden) requirements to IT-handling, budget sheets, etc. Furthermore, FM&M supplies client consultancy - including specialized knowledge on master plans - and performs project management services in complicated cases upon the client's request.


FM&M prepares technical condition survey reports in order to assess the condition of the building and gives recommendations as well as improvement suggestions, including actions related to operational and energy issues. The condition survey reports can be prepared for all types of buildings. In continuation of preparing condition survey reports and operations reviews, we also handle the project process in connection with renovations and rebuildings, securing continuity in the contact between the client and AI.


We prepare operation and maintenance plans as well as budgets for cooperative building associations, owner's associations, hotels, schools, etc. If requested, the building code classification system called "Forvaltnings Klassifikation" can be used.


In connection with handover, FM&M provides defects inspections as a separate service, ensuring that the client receives the contracted building. We also provide 1- and 5-year failure inspections for The Danish Building Damages Foundation (Byggeskadefonden).


Screening for dangerous substances is also one of our services - including screening for substances like lead, asbestos, PCBs, chlorinated parabens and brominated flame retardants. Screening provides an overview of possible actions to be taken and any repair needs.


Usually, we use an internet-based WEB archive for the document handling done on behalf of the client. In this way, the client and all the client's partners have access to the same, updated drawings and documents at any given time.


We provide measurements, using the measuring device FLEXIJET. If no drawings of a building exist or verification of measurements is required, measurements of existing buildings can be provided. The FLEXIJET makes 3D measurements and handles building elements as well as installations. The FLEXIJET can also be used to verify building areas.